How to Start a Blog

Here I would like to show you the straight method to create a blog/website.

Basic process : To start a website/blog you need to a domain name and hosting. Buy domain name and hosting and then point domain name to your hosting and then finally install WordPress. That’s it.

Step by step process of starting a blog :

  • Buy domain name
  • Buy web hosting
  • Point domain name to your hosting account
  • Finally install WordPress

To make it simple, better to buy domain name and hosting from same company. Because you don’t need to point your domain name with your hosting account manually. Or if you buy domain name and hosting from separate companies, then you need to point your domain name to your hosting account manually.

Today many of the hosting companies offering free domain name. So you don’t need to waste your money and time in buy domain name. Best example is BlueHost. BlueHost offering free domain name. In this post I would like to show you how to start a blog with BlueHost.

How to start a blog with BlueHost in just 5 minutes :

BlueHost host is one of the major hosting company. It providing quality hosting plans at reasonable price. That’s why I recommending BlueHost.

Step 1 : Buy hosting plan from BlueHost

Go to or click on sign up button

Click on get started button(green color)

Choose hosting plan. For

  • single  website/blog, choose basic package
  • multiple wesbite/blog, choose plus
  • unlimited wesbite/blog, choose business pro

I think plus package is good. Click on select (green color button)

Enter domain name in the new domain box and click on next to buy hosting package

BlueHost domain name box

Now a new widow will open, enter account, package and billing information

Enter your contact details below account information

Bluehost account information

Check/change hosting package below package information (uncheck the boxes if your don’t need those services)

BlueHost package information

Enter payment details below billing information

BlueHost billing information

Click on submit and finish buying hosting

That’s it. After completion of buying hosting package, you will get hosting details to your email. Save login and name servers details.

Step 2 : Install WordPress

Login to your BlueHost account

Go to website section and click on Install WordPress

New window will open, click on Install button to get started

Select domain and click on Check Domain

Check the “Show advanced options” box

Enter your your website/blog title name in the first box, and also enter WordPress admin username and password

Check the terms and conditions box and then click “Install Now”

That’s it. Your WordPress install will complete in juts few seconds. After completion of installation, login to your WordPress using WordPress admin username and password and then configure your blog properly.

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