How to Add a New Post in WordPress

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You can start adding articles to your blog after your blog is ready. Before adding posts to your blog make sure to check your blog permalink structure. If it’s not good, change permalink structure. If you change permalink structure after adding/posting articles, links will break. So check and change it first.

You can post unlimited article on your WordPress blog. There is no limitation in posting articles. WordPress providing more feature to and options to customize your post. On your posts editor you see different options to customize your post. You can format your text, add images or videos to your post, like this many features are available.

How to create and add a new post in WordPress :

It’s simple to create and add a new post in WordPress. You can post article immediately or you can schedule it. While adding post to your blog you can also add categorizes and tags to your post.

Steps to create and publish a new post in WordPress –

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • Click on Posts on your WordPress dashboard
  • Click on Add New button
  • Enter Post Title in title box and post content in the below box
  • Click on Publish button on right side to publish article

That’s it. Like this you can post articles on your WordPress blog.

You can also add category to your post from your post editor. Select category from Categories section and click on Update/publish post. Like this you can add tags to your post using Tags box.

You can also set feature image to your post using Featured Image option.

After adding a post to your WordPress at any time you can edit it easily.

You can also add Images/Videos easily to your WordPress blog.

How to add an image/video to your WordPress :

Step 1 : Click on Add Media button above post edit box

Step 2 : Click on Upload files

Step 3 : Select File

Step 4 : Choose file from your PC and click on Open

Step 5 : After file successfully uploaded into your WordPress, click on Insert into post

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